Thermographic surveys can be carried out on residential or commercial properties, across new build developments, or existing buildings.

Our local thermographic surveyors use an infrared camera to detect heat patterns in buildings, identifying uncontrolled air leakage pathways, cold bridging, and insulation defects.

The BREEAM-qualified thermographers carry out surveys using advanced thermographic cameras to assess the integrity of a property’s building fabric. The results are then summarised in a report that provides a detailed examination of any issues discovered by our technical team, along with the thermal images taken as evidence.

By implementing the finding of our surveys, property owners will save money on future energy bills, and significantly reduce the building’s carbon footprint. 

Why work with us?


Unlike many of our competitors, our BREEAM-qualified thermographers perform internal and external assessments to provide a comprehensive understanding of where heat is being lost.


Our qualified thermographers treat each image using FLIR software to ensure the correct information is being processed.

Analysing the processed images produces very accurate results, leading to robust reporting and high-quality output.


Our office-based staff work hard to book all appointments as quickly as the delivery schedule allows.

95% of all thermographic surveys take place within two weeks of the initial booking, with the majority of reports provided within 5 working days of the site visit.


Our rate card prices for all services are reviewed regularly, so we’re confident that you won’t find a better service for a better price anywhere else.

If you think you’ve found one, we’ll either beat or match it.


Navigating the complexity of energy efficiency, decarbonisation, and building regulation updates isn’t easy. We’ve worked hard to explain a range of topics related to building testing in plain English to help non-experts get the information they need.

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