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What is SHDF Wave 3?

The UK is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050, and the social housing sector plays a crucial role in this journey. Social housing makes up a significant portion of the UK’s housing stock, and improving its energy efficiency is essential to reducing carbon emissions and reaching our climate goals.

The Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund (SHDF) is a major government initiative designed to upgrade the energy performance of social housing. SHDF Wave 3 is set to be the biggest wave yet, with £1.25 billion available to support up to 140,000 social homes. 

SHDF Wave 3 Key Details

The government recently published key details on Wave 3:

Why Should You Prepare Now?

Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to start preparing and building partnerships now. 

Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund: Wave 3 Notice

Proactive preparation for SHDF Wave 3 offers significant benefits for registered providers and local authorities managing social housing. Securing funding requires a strong application that demonstrates a clear understanding of your social housing stock’s current energy efficiency and identifies areas for improvement.

To ensure that your social housing stock is well-positioned to benefit from this upcoming wave of funding, here’s why you should start planning now:

Taking a proactive approach can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and solidify your position as a responsible housing provider.

How Can We Help?

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you prepare for and maximise the benefits of SHDF Wave 3. Our team includes qualified SHDF Retrofit Assessors with extensive experience in evaluating social housing stock and our assessment service goes beyond the basics, including:

SHDF Wave 3 Retrofit Assessments: Optimising Your Application

Our retrofit assessor team possess the expertise and certifications to conduct thorough assessments that meet the specific requirements of the program. Our combined service streamlines the process by:

This combined approach offers several benefits:

By partnering with our qualified Retrofit Assessors, you gain a valuable advantage in the SHDF Wave 3 application process. We’ll equip you with the data and insights needed to demonstrate a clear roadmap for achieving energy efficiency goals and securing funding for your social housing projects.

Expert Insights

Using our services to collect as much data as possible at the very start of the process creates a detailed understanding of the condition of the housing stock. Having this information not only creates greater visibility over the current condition of the housing stock, but it also helps form an understanding of which properties should be targeted to support the SHDF application to secure grant funding.

Jack Hannon, Head of Operations & Retrofit

SHDF Wave 3 Timeline

Important Note: Grant funding for projects must be transferred to the grant recipient and spent by March 31st, 2028. Projects can use co-funding to complete any remaining work in the final 6 months of delivery.

Refer to official sources from the government website, RISE (Retrofit Information, Support & Expertise), Salix Finance (SHDF administrator), and the National Housing Federation for more information.

Building a Sustainable Future Together

We are your trusted partner in navigating SHDF programs and achieving your sustainable housing goals.

Our comprehensive Retrofit Assessment service provides a clear picture of your social housing stock’s energy efficiency and identifies improvement areas to maximise the benefits of SHDF Wave 3. By working together, we can leverage this program to reduce costs for your social housing, enhance tenant comfort and significantly improve energy efficiency – all while contributing to a greener future.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your specific SHDF Wave 3 needs and explore how our comprehensive assessment service can help you prepare for success. We look forward to partnering with you on your retrofit journey.

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