Our Company’s Role in the UK’s first Passivhaus Premium


In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable architecture, Building Energy Experts recently had the honor of being featured on the renowned Grand Designs. We played a pivotal role in conducting air tightness testing for the UK’s groundbreaking first Passivhaus premium house build. Join us on this exciting journey as we delve into the intricacies of our involvement and the impact it has on the future of eco-conscious living.

The Grand Designs Collaboration

It all unfolded as Grand Designs embarked on a mission to showcase innovation in sustainable housing. Our team of building energy experts were called upon to lend our expertise in air tightness testing for what would become the UK’s first Passivhaus premium house, located in the North Cotswolds. The challenge was both exhilarating and significant. It aligning perfectly with our commitment to pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency in construction.

The Passivhaus Promise

Passivhaus, a German-born standard for energy efficiency, emphasizes airtightness and insulation to minimise energy consumption and maximise comfort. Being at the forefront of building energy expertise, our team was well-equipped to ensure that this ambitious project met and exceeded these stringent criteria.

The Air Tightness Testing Endeavor

Our Managing Director, a seasoned expert in building energy solutions, took the lead in orchestrating the Passivhaus air tightness testing. The meticulous process involved assessing and sealing every nook and cranny of the Passivhaus structure, ensuring it met the rigorous standards required for certification.

Jack Allen, our Managing Director, on site at the Passivhaus

Innovation in Action

Our appearance on Grand Designs showcased not only the technical prowess of our team but also our commitment to driving innovation in sustainable construction. The air tightness testing process became a visual testament to the meticulous care and attention we bring to each project, especially when it comes to pioneering endeavors like the UK’s first Passivhaus premium house.

Impact on Eco-Conscious Living

As the episode unfolded, viewers witnessed the intersection of cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility. Our company’s role in ensuring the airtight integrity of the Passivhaus not only contributed to the success of the project, but also underscored the importance of energy-efficient building practices in the broader context of sustainable living.


Being featured on Grand Designs for our involvement in the UK’s first Passivhaus premium house was a proud moment for our company. It highlighted not only our technical prowess but also our dedication to pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency. As we continue to champion eco-conscious living, we look forward to more opportunities to showcase how our building energy experts are shaping the future of sustainable construction.

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