Championing Innovation

Jack not only embodies our commitment to innovation but also showcases his induvidual brillaince through his groundbreaking work. His development of a revolutionary retrofit assessment data collection app establishes Building Energy Experts as a trailblazer in promoting energy-efficient and environmentally conscious building practices.

Spotlight on Retrofit Expertise

Looking ahead to FutureBuild 2024, Jack will impress with his session on “Retrofit Assessments: Speeding Them Up, Scaling Them Up.” Industry professionals will gain insights into Jack’s innovative strategies and witness firsthand the transformative impact of technology on retrofit assessments.

An Exceptional Lineup

On stage, Jack will be joined by industry luminaries Andrew Parkin, Technical Development Director at Elmhurst Energy, and Jonathan Abbot, Director at Keegans. This lineup guarantees a thourough exploration of the challenges and opportunities in retrofit assessments, underlining the collaborative spirit that defines our company’s approach. Through insightful discussions and shared expertise, we aim to foster innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

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Pioneering Sustainable Solutions

As a company committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction, Jack’s presentation aims to inspire and inform. By sharing his experiences and spotlighting our retrofit assessment data collection app, we hope to contribute significantly to the goal of creating energy-efficient, eco-friendly buildings.

FutureBuild 2024: A Beacon of Innovation

FutureBuild consistently served as the epicenter of groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge technologies. Our company’s presence at this event is a testament to our commitment to innovation. FutureBuild provides an opportunity to connect with industry peers, showcase our achievements, and stay at the forefront of the latest advancements in sustainable construction.


As we eagerly await Jack’s moment in the spotlight, join us in celebrating the limitless potential of our technology in accelerating and scaling up retrofit assessments. Together, let’s continue building a greener, more sustainable future. See you at FutureBuild 2024!

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