We have been recognized for retrofit excellence by the Retrofit Academy ahead of the annual awards ceremony.

The Retrofit Academy has done us the incredible honour of shortlisting us for two national awards. An experienced panel of judges included us as one of their top five companies in the Employer of the Year category. Meanwhile, our Head of Operations has been selected as one of the nation’s top retrofit specialists in the Retrofit Assessor of the Year category.

The Retrofit Academy Awards were created to recognise excellence in retrofitting across the UK. They aim to identify rising stars in this exciting, vibrant market. At such a crucially important time for the built environment, these awards help to raise awareness of excellence.

Retrofit Assessor of the Year

Our Head of Operations and Retrofit, Jack Hannon, was recognised for his leadership and focus on customer service. His methodical approach to each assessment, dedication to shared learning, and passion for customer care has earned him the respect of project residents, and team members. This impressive list of admirers now includes a raft of professional judges. He comments:

“I’m blown away by this nomination, it feels incredible to be shortlisted. I’m proud of the work we have already done to transform cold homes in the UK and can’t wait to scale up our activities even further as the next wave of funding comes into operation.”

Retrofit Employer of the Year

In recognition of our entire team, we have also been shortlisted as an exceptional employer in the retrofit space. Rated on our approach to quality and ability to scale, the award submission focused on our commitment to cross-training, upskilling, and mentoring the team.

A key part of our strategy has been to make high-quality the easiest option for assessors when out on site. Our processes and procedures are thorough, yet simple to execute. Individual assessor successes are also celebrated at each company meet.

The retrofit movement needs more than a focus on scale. We emphatically see ourselves as the frontline of quality in the retrofit industry. Our hard work directly impacts the future comfort of each resident while contributing to the national fight to decarbonise Britain. We know our work matters, we take pride in what we do, and everyone on the team is encouraged to talk about this with their friends and families.

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