The way new houses in the UK are assessed for energy efficiency is getting a major overhaul. The current system, SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure), has served its purpose since 2002, but it’s time for a more modern approach. As advancements in construction materials and a growing focus on sustainability take centre stage, SAP is no longer enough. Enter the Home Energy Model (HEM) – a new approach set to transform how we measure a building’s energy efficiency.

Why the Shift to the Home Energy Model?

SAP, while effective, has limitations. Its methodology hasn’t kept pace with advancements in building technologies and so struggles to accurately predict real-world energy use. The Home Energy Model aims to address this by:

What This Means for Housebuilders

Housebuilders will need to adapt to the new system. Here’s how HEM will impact them:

The Home Energy Model goes beyond SAP, potentially working alongside new on-site tests like stricter air testing and smart meter data analysis.

The Road Ahead

The Home Energy Model is still under development, with a beta version currently being used for consultation purposes. Expect further refinements before its official launch in 2025. This signifies a significant step towards ensuring new homes are built with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, ultimately contributing to achieving the UK’s climate goals.

A Glimpse into the Future

The Home Energy Model is paving the way for a future where homes are not just built, but strategically designed and constructed with energy efficiency as a core principle. This can lead to:

The Home Energy Model represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future for housing in the UK. While there will be adjustments for both housebuilders and homeowners, the long-term benefits make this a positive development.

Navigate the new Home Energy Model with confidence and partner with us to build future-proof homes. We provide expert consulting to ensure your designs meet future standards. We offer HEM compliance expertise, early-stage design optimisation, and a streamlined assessment process. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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