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What is a Retrofit Assessment?

Imagine it as a detailed check-up for your home. A qualified professional, following government-approved standards like PAS 2035, can conduct a thorough assessment with comprehensive data collection. This data is then compiled into a report, providing a roadmap to improve your home’s energy efficiency and unlock associated benefits.

The PAS2035 Framework

Our assessments are conducted following the PAS 2035 standard for residential properties. This framework categorises assessments into three risk pathways (A, B, and C) based on factors like the building’s age, size, and the complexity of planned work.

Surveying Methods for a Deeper Look

To get a complete picture of your property’s health in a full scope retrofit assessment, our team employs several surveying methods:

Below we will discuss each of the surveying methods available for those seeking a retrofit assessment and their respective benefits. 

Benefits of a Retrofit Assessment

The Road to a Sustainable Home

Following the assessment, IOE modelling (Improvement Option Evaluation) can be used. This considers the feasibility of upgrades or modifications based on their cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits.

By taking the first step with a retrofit assessment, you’re on your way to a more sustainable and comfortable home while reducing your environmental impact.

Ready to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient? Our team of qualified experts offers PAS 2035 assessments to homeowners nationwide. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your retrofit assessment options.

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