Helping Acorn Homes bridge the performance gap between planned energy efficiency measures and energy performance in practice.


Acorn Homes build beautiful houses across the southwest and take pride in bringing quality, care, and attention to each new build development and renovation project. Their award-winning focus on excellence and sustainability has won them industry respect and a growing customer base.

The Challenge

Acorn has recognized that while meeting building regulations is a mandatory step, you need to go beyond mere compliance to build future-proofed homes. Attaining the highest possible energy performance ratings for renovation projects is also a key priority for their team.

Acorn is committed to achieving an air tightness target above the minimum standard set for all new build projects. For renovation work, Acorn endeavours to improve all EPC ratings, where possible.

Yet amid the cost of living crisis where materials and labour are in short supply, how do you build to the best possible energy efficiency standards while making each project profitable?

The Solution

We have developed a framework agreement with Acorn Homes to deliver testing, compliance, and consultancy across all their property developments.

This agreement is proof that our unique approach to planned energy efficiency works, helping Acorn Homes to bridge the performance gap between desk-based research and on-site testing.

New build solution

Our desk-based sustainability consultants provide the calculations and energy modelling required at the planning stage of each of Acorn’s new build developments. They advise on which building materials to select for optimum energy performance for each new build project and regularly communicate with the project manager.

In addition, our testing specialists advise on the best approach for air tightness design for each building archetype at the design phase.

When it comes to the final stages of construction, our on-site team undertake tests and feed back on how close the As Built performance is to the original plan. 

Renovation support

Existing property owners are concerned with rising energy prices, so every renovation project undertaken by Acorn is air tested by us to help understand how their EPC score could be improved.

The Results

So far, we have carried out over 200 air tightness tests, calculated over 300 SAPs, and delivered advice and consultancy for six developments across the southwest.

We have helped Acorn to improve the average air tightness test score per dwelling over time, and worked collaboratively to assess the energy performance of existing properties to improve their average score from “E” to “C”.


We have supported Acorn Homes in their building energy performance ambitions across multiple developments. If you have similar requirements and are looking for a trusted partner, let’s talk. We help customers build well, live comfortably, and save money.

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