Helping Acorn Homes bridge the performance gap between planned energy efficiency measures and energy performance in practice.

This case study explores how we partnered with Acorn Homes to bridge the gap between planned energy efficiency and real-word performance. We’ll showcase how our framework agreement delivered testing, compliance, and consultancy across their projects, ultimately helping them achieve:

Building Greener, More Profitable Homes: How We Helped Acorn Homes Achieve Both

Acorn Homes build beautiful houses across the southwest and take pride in bringing quality, care, and attention to each new build development and renovation project. Their award-winning focus on excellence and sustainability has won them industry respect and a growing customer base. But they faced a challenge: achieving top energy ratings while navigating a difficult market with rising material costs. This case study showcases how our partnership bridged that gap, delivering both environmental and financial benefits.

The Challenge: Beyond Compliance

While Acorn priorities the mandatory step of meeting building regulations, their vision extends to building future-proof homes.

For renovation work, Acorn endeavours to improve all EPC ratings, where possible, and attaining the highest possible energy performance ratings is a key priority for their team. For new build projects, Acorn is committed to achieving an air tightness target above the minimum standards set. However, achieving these goals within budget constraints proved trickly.

Amid the cost of living crisis where materials and labour are in short supply, how do you build to the best possible energy efficiency standards while making each project profitable?

To summarise, the challenges faced were:

The Solution: A Framework Agreement

We developed a framework agreement to deliver testing, compliance, and consultancy across all Acorn Home’s property developments. This unique approach ensures the planned energy efficacy translated into reality, closing the gap between theoretical calculations and real-world performance.

New build solution

Renovation support

The Results: A Win-Win Partnership

Our collaborative partnership with Acorn has achieved impressive results:

Building a Sustainable Future, Together

Our partnership with Acorn Homes demonstrates that high-performing, eco-friendly homes can be both profitable and comfortable. We’ve helped them build well, create comfortable living spaces, and save money across multiple developments. By working together, we’ve helped them to achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining financial viability.

The success of this partnership is a testament to our unique approach, bridging the performance gap between desk-based theoretical plans and the real world results of on-site testing. Our framework agreement ensures consistent quality and energy efficiency across all projects.

Do you have similar requirements and are looking for a trusted partner? Let’s talk. We help customers build well, live comfortably, and save money. Contact us today to discuss your specific project requirements and discover how we can help you build a sustainable future.

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