There are key points to check for air leakage in preparation for an air tightness test, as shown in this Residential Air Tightness Checklist.

Before we arrive on site please ensure you have sent us the specific design air permeability figure and been through the checklist below. This will greatly increase your chances of passing first time. 

Air Leakage Pathway Checklist

Check for visible leaks in the following places:

Please note only the controllable air flow pathways listed below can be temporarily sealed during the test, all the non-controllable leakage pathways above must be permanently sealed.  

Temporary Sealing

The following should be temporarily sealed during the test:

Our engineers will do the temporary sealing for you however if it is done prior to our arrival we are able to do more tests per visit.

What next?

It’s often easier to tick through a printed checklist, so here’s one we prepared earlier for you:

Residential Air Tightness Checklist Printout

We consistently provide exceptional service to help clients pass their air test on the first visit, offering our knowledge to help them find leaks in their buildings and rectify any issues. If your property is unlikely to pass, we will advise on how to fix this. Get in touch to book your next test in.

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