The Challenge: Unreliable Traditional EPCs

Previously, EPCs relied on estimated air leakage values. These estimations often underestimated the actual amount of air leakage in existing buildings, resulting in inaccurate EPC ratings. This can have significant consequences.

Imagine a building owner who installs a less efficient heating system based on an inaccurate EPC that suggests good energy performance. In reality, due to high air leakage the building might lose a significant amount of heat. This negates the benefits of the new system and can hinder sustainability goals.

Air tightness Testing: The Solution for Accurate EPCs

Air tightness testing is a non-destructive method for precisely measuring a building’s air leakage rate. It is done by pressurising the building interior slightly and measuring the rate at which air escapes.

The valuable data allows building owners or professionals to:

Unlocking the Benefits of RdSAP 10 and Air Tightness Testing

The updated RdSAP 10 methodology now allows incorporating measured air tightness test results into EPCs, offering several benefits:

This means building professionals can leverage the data from RdSAP 10 air tightness tests to generate more accurate EPC ratings.

Take Action: Improve Your EPC Rating with Air Tightness Testing

When you schedule an air tightness test with us, our comprehensive service provides the data you need to make informed decisions about your building’s energy performance. Here’s what you gain:

Beyond the Test: Optimising Your Building’s Performance

The valuable data from your air tightness test can be used for several purposes:


By leveraging airtightness testing and the new RdSAP 10 methodology, building professionals can achieve optimal building energy efficiency. Air tightness testing provides a clear picture of a building’s true energy performance. This allows for informed decision-making, improved sustainability outcomes, and potential cost savings throughout building lifespan.

At Building Energy Experts, we offer a comprehensive range of air tightness testing services. Our team of qualified professionals is dedicated to helping you achieve your sustainability goals and maximise the value of your projects. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and learn how we can help you improve building energy efficiency and enhance your EPC ratings with air tightness testing.

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